The Dinkster came into the world on Sunday, February 12, destine to be as great a bird as Abe Lincoln, on whose birthday he hatched, was a man.  


                Dinkster's Second Day                                                                                         Dinkster 1 Week



               "I Hatched Him!" Foster mother Pidge                "I'm Raising Him!" Co-foster father Bob's 
                                                                                                        Right Hand (Bob's Left Hand was    
                                                                                                              unavailable for comment.)   
     Day 12, The look of a leader already!                                         Waiting for the right moment in history!


     20 Days, pigeon or patch work quilt?                                How many colors do you see?


                             Nice and comfy.                                   Dink's foster mother drying out after her bath


                           One  Month Old  Dink-Wrap                                             Happily Wrapped Dink!
           To make The Dinkster happy wrap him up!                        2 Minutes later he'll be asleep.

        The Dinkster at almost 5 weeks.                                         Bit of a nerd me thinks!
              Colors? He's got em!

             Yup, a nerd, but athletic as well.                 At 6 Weeks, water bird Dink after his first bath. 

      The Dinkster at 7 weeks plus.                                       You can see by his eyes that he is very smart.

Here he is trying to figure out how to work my scanner!                   Dink at 9 plus weeks


                    A raptor's eyes!                                                 Do these look a little like talons?

             Why I can never get a decent nap!                    15 weeks old and he still loves being wrapped up!



Our wonderful Little Dinkster has  passed away.  
He died on 2/5/2020 of all things while being treated by his veterinarian.

We loved the little guy so much, and are devastated at his loss.
He lived one week short of his 14th hatchday.

May The Good Lord Bless His Beautiful Soul!