Sweedlona on the day I found her standing in the rain.      Two weeks later.          One month later when I "tried" to release her.

    (She looked as if someone had been using her to wash a car!) 


After Sweedlona was rehabilitated we tried to release her 3 times from a greater, and greater distance, only to have her return home the next morning each time.
Finally we gave up and decided to keep her. Though we love Lona she is in no way a pet. She is an independent, feral pigeon who lives with us.

In April of 2014, for a four fourth time we tried to send Sweedlona away, this time to a friend with a loft in Tulsa OK. We did so because we wanted to get new furniture, and because she was so uncontrollable that she would surely have ruin it. To be sure that she would be okay I paid my friend $250 for her future care. Sadly Sweedlona passed away just two days after arriving in her new home. Finally Lona has come home again for the fourth time, but this time as earthly remain. All that’s left of our wonderful Sweedlona is ashes in a wooden box with a brass plate engraved with her name. Sweedlona was a fantastic pigeon! A wonderful mate to our Dinkster, an exceptional mother to her chicks, and a superb homer! She lived with us just under five years after we rescued her. Of the scores of pigeons I‘ve known, I can think of  few who I would rather have with us than Sweedlona. There will never be another like our beautiful Sweedlona who embodied all of the good things about her species. May God Bless her beautiful soul!